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Cool Teal and Yellow Geometric Design Cosmetic Bag

    Cool Teal and Yellow Geometric Design Cosmetic Bag


      Imagine all your cosmetics (or other small items you want to carry in a convenient ouch!) in this stylish and colorful Cool Teal and Yellow Design Geometric bag.

      Print is only on front side. Black neoprene zipper cosmetic bag 

      Size:: 10" (W) x 6" (H)

      Note: Due to the nature of neoprene, overly vibrant artwork may print duller than on the screen. With neoprene, some printing striations may occur, and due to the porous surface, slight bubbling is expected. Extremely dark background also might show slight white areas at the seams when the bag is stretched and filled

      Care: Can be machine or hand washed cold, allow to air dry, use no bleach additives.


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